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Friday, January 10, 2014

Organic Non GMO Vegetables, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for the 2014 Season

We offer over 60 varieties of mainstream vegetables in shares over the 2014 season.  A share will feed a family of 4+ generously. ½ shares for smaller families as well as ½ shares to add on for larger families are also available for ½ price.  Our main 12 week share is $500.00 and will be available from July through the end of Sept. An earlier 8 week share is also available for $300 but packages will be lighter.

  • Each family will fill out a form stating what you really like and really don’t like so that we can plan and pack favorably. 
  • Beginning in July, you will be notified when packages will be ready and shares will be available for pickup between Thursday and Saturday with other arrangements made available when needed.  All unclaimed packages will be donated to the food pantry on Monday mornings and there will be no refunds or credits for that week.
  • Packages will contain on average of 10 or more different items (weather and pest conditions apply). TFO will provide recipes and storing tips to help you make the most of your package.  *Please note that packages will be lighter at the beginning of the season, this is normal. Please see this link about CSAs to know more  about CSAs.
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Free Range, Naturally Low in Cholesterol, Organic Eggs for the 2014 Season

Eggs for roughly a 16 week season beginning in June through the fall will be available. 1/2 dozen/wk  subscription will be $32.00; 1 dozen/wk will be $64.00 for the season and so on. That works out to roughly $4.00/dozen. Supermarkets and other places charge $5.00/doz and more for this quality of eggs.

Email to get started!