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Thursday, September 8, 2016

So many goodies so little time!

One of the biggest challenges of farming is letting people know what we have available. We have so many items that I will just have to give you a list and not spend a lot of time on the amazing flavor of our products.
Corn on the cob - best season we ever had!
Tomatoes - slicing, Roma, cherry and tear drop
Onions - white and red
GROUND CHERRIES - yes we got those!
Peppers, green and other colors developing
Pumpkins - Brian made me promise not to plant anything that couldn't be eaten so we have SUGAR pumpkins and EDITABLE gourds with a taste that won't disappoint!
Acorn Squash
Hot Chili Peppers
Swiss Chard

We are working on some home made items too - 'THE' salsa is on the way....and it is naturally gluten free!

Feel free to call or text to make sure your favorites are on hand and fresh