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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Grateful for helping hands

We are very grateful to the Ouellette family who have on several occasions come by with their 6 children to offer a helping hand. In this picture the twins and younger kids moved a group of layer chicks from the main barn to the small hen house so that they can learn how to roost and get used to being in a hen house. While they were busy setting up the house, putting down bedding, setting up feeders, and waters, catching chicks and moving them, the big kids were out moving 175 bigger cornish cross chickens out to the field. When they were done, they came in and cleaned out the pens they were in! Talk about many hands making light work. We were done in record time. Thank you Ouellette family!

Here is another picture of a tremendous helping hand. Below is Wally helping me until the wee hours of the night putting labels on our various chicken cuts, fresh out of the processing plant. Together we labeled, weighed and packaged orders for our customers and put them back into our refrigerated van for delivery in the morning. Thank you Wally - you rock!