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Friday, July 29, 2016

Now Certified Organic AND delivering to Londonderry

As you can imagine it is a busy time for us. Last month we became officially certified organic and that means everything - our laying hens, eggs, pullets, vegetables, fruits, fields, hay, piglets, turkeys and our meat chickens. It sure is a good feeling to be official! It was a lot of work but totally worth it. Now our customers have an added level of confidence that you are getting the real deal.

We are now delivery to Londonderry on Fridays at 5:15PM at the Burger King parking lot. If you are interested in pork products, vegetables/fruits, chicken, honey or any of our products, email/text/call us and we can add you to the delivery list.

While our CSA is full at this time, we do offer some of our extra certified organic vegetables which include:
Summer Squash
Pickling Cucumber (must order in advance)
Green Beans
and more....
all available in our self serve farm stand

Next week we will have our own pasture chicken in cuts available (breasts, wings, thighs packages). Contact us ASAP to reserve your portion.

Currently we have ham kabobs, Sweet Italian Sausage, Breakfast sausage both available in links and in blocks (for the avid sauce makers!), pork chops, ribs, roasts and more. Get it while supplies last!

Come by any time and visit, there is always something to see here