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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thank you for your patience with us!

We thought we had secured our permanent farm early this summer and did not renew our prior farmland lease for the 2014 season with the anticipation that we would be growing in our new location. In short, our home did not sell in time for the sellers so the farm went back on the market and sold right away to someone else.  We have now sold our home and are in great hopes for a new farm for 2015 and we appreciate your patience with us during this transition.  In the meantime...

We have honey, and not just any honey, it is the REAL deal. We are committed to organic practices and our bees are no different. They have been sitting at Normanton Farms which is a 60 acre organic farm in Litchfield, NH (special thanks to Steve Normanton!).  Most beekeepers will supplement their hives and feed with sugar water and pollen patties to help sustain these fragile hives.  All hives are fragile and ours is no different except for that we opted to not supplement the bees so that they could create their honey from 100% pollen naturally.  After a long awaited honey pull this week all I can say is ...WOW! We have a limited supply of honey based on first come first serve.