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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Now offering non GMO chicken

As we continue to strive to make healthy, local food affordable, we are now offering non GMO chicken in addition to organic. All chickens are pastured outdoors in the sunshine and moved daily on to fresh grassy areas. The non GMO option will reduce the per pound price by $0.50. As a reminder, you can read about the quality of our chickens from reviews on Facebook and Yelp. Non GMO whole chickens $4.50/lb. averaging between 3 and 5 pounds will require a deposit of $10.00 each with the remaining due at pick up. Pre packaged chickens $5.50/lb must be purchased in 6 chicken increments and you will receive 6 packages of breasts (2 in each), and 2 packages of thighs, drumsticks, and wings (6 in each). Deposit for pre packaged chickens is $60.00 with the remaining due at pick up. Order now for June delivery. To reserve your chicken, you can stop by or mail a deposit. We accept, checks, credit card or the paypal link above. The deposits are the same whether or not you select organic or non gmo. Thank you and happy spring!
Our first chicken house a couple of years ago. Photo credit Laura Mahoney

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Our pork now sold at A Market in Manchester A convenient, great store offering a fabulous variety of organic and healthy foods who also support local farming! Pick up some pork chops, a roast for Sunday dinner or pork tenderloin today! 125 Loring St. Manchester.